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Boston’s luxury interior finishes company can help you to create that gorgeous custom wall and you’ve dreamt about. We transform walls into works of art, furniture into masterpieces and amateurs into artists.

Commissioned by homeowners, interior designers, custom homebuilders, contractors and business owners we provide every aspect of veneterian plaster finishing.

As you browse through our website, you’ll see many examples of our work.

Venetian plaster

Venetian Plaster is the high class of decorative wall and ceilings finishes. It is made from marble and lime ground with pigments, eco-friendly no toxic wall finishes that have no off-gassing and hypo-allergenic. Involving four to eight hand-applied coats followed by a layer of protective wax. Venetian Plaster give you have unlimited choices of colors and textures, from slick and shining to raw and brought. It's also super easy to clean, just use a sponge. Venetian plaster will work on walls ,ceilings , entryways , kitchen backsplashes, fire places, floors, showers, columns , kitchen counter top and exteriors. The Venetian Plaster acts as sponge, which allows the wall to breathe and water and moisture to evaporate off the surface, mildew resistant.


Designed the ceiling.

When putting your house together, you need to get everything right from the wall colour to the accessories that you choose to put in your room. One aspect that often gets forgotten, however, is the ceiling. You can get different kinds of ceiling decoration options that will really add presence to the room, you just need to make sure that you can make the most out of them and focus on which one will add the right feel to your room. Take a look at the different ceiling texture types and see which one strikes your fancy the most.


Sophisticated interior wall finishes.

Walls exist to protect our daily lives. They are perfect for decoration, creating the emotions of our soul.

We produce unique decorative walls . Our high quality, water based and solvent free products, combined with our renowned skill and attention to detail, yields impeccable results for every client.


Exclusive finishing of floors.

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Renovation of antique furniture

Renovation handmade wooden furnishings that often cost thousands of dollars.


Exclusive finishing of ceiling.

Details of the stucco decoration can increase the value of the property. Indeed, in the decorated figured stucco ceiling, there is something of the magnificence of the past.


Finishing fireplaces Venetian plaster

Finishing fireplaces Venetian plaster – the most successful solution from both a practical point of view and from the point of view of design.

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