Venetian plaster Boston

About Us

Hello ! We are Cusato Creative Company
From USA

Venetian plaster is best known for its old-world appeal, many people also claim that the smooth texture and subtle sheen is gracefully modern—which just goes to show how versatile this finish really is. So if you want a refined, sophisticated look that’s natural and affordable, Venetian plaster is a great option.

Not all Venetian plaster companies in know how to make the real Venetian plaster. We uses the highest quality material directly from Italy. Most of the Artist and Applicators use the wrong material made from synthetic plastic look like acrylic plasters. There are just a few companies that sell and apply the original Venetian plaster in Boston and we are one of the few. Venetian plaster is a European technique, and all the materials, (plaster and tools) are made in Italy by Artisans. Cusato Creative is a company that only uses the original plasters and techniques from Europe, we are experts using and creating custom made plasters, from unique textures and we create the unique designs and mix colors to your satisfaction.